Professional, caring, an awesome guy

Dealing with a loss is never easy, especially when it comes to mom’s. I found myself in this painful, stressed to the gills predicament, to say the least. I live in Los Angeles, my mom lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. She had nothing in place, all this was so sudden and unexpected. To top it off, COVID came , so everything just shut down, Well grief, fear of the unknown, no job, and Oh needed to sell my mom’s place as quickly as possible.Then a miracle happened, no BS, somehow through this realtor my wife met in LA, he connected us with this angel named Dave Gervase and his wonderful team. Professional, caring, an awesome guy, he set up the apartment and it looked amazing with the little he had to work with and no budget. I AM eternally grateful to this wonderful human being, he helped my family and I, sell my mom’s place, and helped ease our pain and stress, Thank you Dave, I can never thank you enough. Ivan Source:

— Ivan A Gonzalez